New Zealand offers an incredible variety of breathtaking landscapes all packed into a country the size of the UK. Stunning coastal cities, rolling green farmland, snow-capped mountain ranges, active volcanoes, glacial lakes, thousands of miles of pristine beaches, pure bush, forests that are the same as they have been for hundreds of years, incredible geysers, bubbling mud pools... as unspoilt and breathtaking as sights you will find anywhere. And all within amazingly short distances.

Perhaps the most extraordinary impression though is the wonderful sense of space. Just over 4 million people live in New Zealand, and the vibrant mixture of indigenous Māori, European, Pacific and Asian influences makes for a diversified and compelling culture that combines a love of the arts with an identity deeply rooted in the outdoors.

From film and theatre to music, photography, food and wine, if you enjoy the expressive side of life, you will find it in abundance here.

If your take is more hands-on, then the choice of activities seems limitless. From sitting in a café drinking coffee with friends, to tramping through miles of native bush or surfing at the beach, all the options are never far away.

Or you can throw your energies into the sports and activities that freedom loving Kiwis take for granted, such as skiing, tramping, canoeing, fishing, mountain-biking or sailing.

You will be studying in a country where new and independent thought is encouraged and where creativity thrives. As a result, New Zealand degrees are recognised by employers and universities all over the world as practical, modern qualifications of high international standing.